New program manager and liaison for the St. Maarten team

The TWO is delighted to announce that the St. Maarten program team will be back to full strength as of the 1st of September. This follows the arrival of the new program manager Mauriel van As and the new liaison Leona M. Romeo.

Program manager

On the 1st of September, Mauriel van As will take on the role of program manager for the St. Maarten program team. Mauriel has considerable experience in consultancy, project management, audits, accountancy and management. He likes to view situations from different perspectives, is solution-oriented and believes in close cooperation. He will now use this knowledge and experience in his new role at the TWO. As program manager, he will be responsible for functionally managing the team that supports St. Maarten to realise, execute and monitor projects and measures from the Country Package. Mauriel will be based in the Netherlands, but will regularly be in St. Maarten to ensure effective coordination and to maintain relationships.


The role of liaison to St. Maarten will be filled by Leona M. Romeo as of the 1st of September. Leona has a long track record in various positions within the government of St. Maarten. In addition, she has been politically active as a member of parliament and as prime minister of St. Maarten. This knowledge and experience, as well as her comprehensive network, will be of great benefit to the TWO. In her role of liaison, Leona will be the first point of contact for the TWO in St. Maarten, and will help to compile the executive agenda and to implement the reforms and measures from the Country Package.

The St. Maarten program team also features two advisers, who are located in the Netherlands and St. Maarten. The TWO looks forward to continuing its good working relationship with the St. Maarten program team.