Counterpart Days 2023: Creating Synergy

The TWO has organized the so-called Counterpart Days for the second time. For three days, representatives of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands discussed the country packages and mutual cooperation in The Hague. The sessions were interactive and offered the opportunity to share insights and learn from each other, while taking the differences between them into account. The common thread during the days was 'creating synergy'.

Image: ©Ministerie BZK / Tijdelijke Werkorganisatie / Tijdelijke Werkorganisatie / Ministerie BZK

Judith Jeurissen, program manager TWO: “On April 4, 2023, the Mutual Arrangement 'cooperation in reforms' was signed between the Netherlands and the three Caribbean countries. It is nice to see how the central principles of the Mutual Arrangement, ownership, equality and communality, are reflected in the quality of the conversations we have had. Very open and inspiring. We might not always agree, as long as it is done out of respect and a deep-felt need to listen to and understand each other. The commonality in the challenges we face together was the big eye-opener for me this year. For the TWO, this means that we have to facilitate the exchange between the four countries even more.”

There was also an opportunity to network informally and a visit was made to the exhibition 'Colonial Den Haag. An incomplete past'.